Iceband is a therapeutic ice and water aid that provides fast, safe, convenient relief to people of all ages suffering swelling and pain from common soft tissue injuries such as sports related sprains and bruises.

Features and Benefits

  • Ergonomic Design
    – product can be directly fixed onto the body with no need for clumsy tape.
  • Made from non-toxic silicon
    – Safe to use, no chance of leaking gel or chemical components.
  • Reusable
    – Greater value than repeated purchase of one-use
  • No need to pre-freeze
    – Eliminates bulky gel packs, plastic bags or frozen vegies.
  • Easy fasten strap
    – User can move around freely while wearing the aid.
  • Easy to handle
    – No clumsy messing with trying to attach tape or towel means cold can be applied quickly and efficiently to the specific area needed.


Why it works

Cold compression dressing is an important part of pain relief from sporting injuries. Cooling has a hypo-metabolic, analgesic and anti-inflammorty effect. Used with compression therapy it leads to reduced swelling and tissue damage and faster rehab.