What some of our customers are saying about iceBandSports…

IceBandSports is great!

Tom T | Victoria

That’s the best and easiest cold therapy pack I’ve ever used! Go iceBandSports!

Baden P | Victoria

I play Vets cricket. I never leave home without my iceBandSports, crushed ice and water in my cool bag! Easy to use and easy to apply for immediate treatment!
Thanks iceBandSports!

Francis B | Victoria

I rolled my ankle playing netball. Immediate use of iceBandSports really helped with pain relief. It is so easy to use. I would recommend everyone to have one handy in their sports bag.

Bron M | Victoria

I hurt my ankle while gardening. Having iceBandSports at home already and following the instructions I was able to reducing the swelling immediately.

Kate T | Victoria

I’m a regular weekend soccer player and after recently injuring my achillies I always carry iceBandSports with me to every game. It’s easy to strap on and wear home after the game to help with the pain and swelling.

Steve S. | New South Wales

I injured my quad at footy. iceBandSports was easy and quick to apply to my thigh. Once strapped on I could move around without worrying about it coming off.

Julian T | Victoria